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Soul Deep Recordings is proud to present their second vinyl release featuring two of the top producers in the Drum & Bass scene. MJT, a producer hailing from Greece, is well known for producing tracks that fuse jazzy elements with a deep backdrop. His songs are being played by all the big deejays worldwide. Arp-1, is a successful Spanish producer that has also been working his way to the top. With many tracks signed to Good Looking Records, Soul Deep Recordings, and Black Reflections, Arp-1 has released many floor filling songs that grace the record crates of deejays across the globe. This release proves that these two producers are pushing the music forward, pioneering a sound that is all their own.

Brainchild of Scott Allen, SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS presents deep, soulful Drum n Bass from producers around the world.

SDR has already been turning heads with its solid catalogue of released and forthcoming music. A rich and varied discography of label signings leaning toward deeper, and more musically-refined ends of the spectrum has brought the label immediate success and adulation from fans worldwide. While its global roster includes the label owner himself alongside producers BLADE, BROTHER, DUOSCIENCE, FLOWRIAN, PHAT PLAYAZ, SEVIN, TIDAL, MSDOS, JRUMHAND and plenty more, SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS continues to search and discover new talent to add to its growing legacy.   —Stunna


Soul Deep is a new label created to bring high quality Drum & Bass to the forefront of the music scene. The label features a number of talented artists and a diverse sound, with songs from many different styles of the Drum & Bass genre. Whether it’s, Liquid, Jazzy, or Atmospheric, Soul Deep is committed to releasing deep Drum & Bass tunes for for the world to hear. Soul Deep is proud to bring you this new web site so you can check out what is going on with the label. The Soul Deep Crew would like to thank you for checking out our new website and we encourage you to have a look around. Thanks for the support!!

LATEST RELEASE ON SDR – “MJT & ARP-1 – Souls In Motion EP”

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