ARTIST PROFILE – Deeper Connection

Deeper Connection – producer, dj

Bryn green is also know as Deeperconnection a 31 year old producer and DJ mixed since 93 and has been producing now for 8 years ., His roots were planted in the Early years of hardcore,,and was lucky enuff to attend early raves such as fanstasa,,danceplanet obbsession.dreamscape etc, ,,He signed his first track to Stepping Forward Records,.u.s.a/early 2010 .since then has signed tracks to Rotation Deep, Rotation Recordings/uk ,,, Trackdonalds,/ germany,/,Point Audio/u.s.a/ .uk pittbull , and luv disaters records/Brasil , , and nexgen .records/u.s.a .with a latest signing with .vampire records/uk Goodlooking records Phuzion records & Fokuz Recordings ..Since his first track was signed ,,a lot of labels have been snaping up his tracks,,,and this year hes made quite a name for himself,, ,,his sound has been discribed as fresh ,,but still keeping true to the orgins of origanal drum and bass, confirmed as part of the liquid sessions djs with planed events across the county and country next year such as belgium.



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