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Olie Spink produces soulful drum and bass under the name of Static and is from the south coast of England.

Over the years he has played many different musical instruments, trumpet, piano and guitar and after a while he decided to start learning music production but taking his classical and jazz background and gelling it with a more modern approach, he soon became hocked.

you can find his music on labels such as textures music group, soul deep recording, Pit ball recording, Soul aspiration records, Variant Audio and Black reflection. He has lots more tracks in the making so we should be expecting more musical drum and bass from him in the very near future.

His music is getting support form the likes of Aquasion, MsDos, Technicolour,Scott Allen, Drifta and more recently the mighty LTJ Bukem. plus many more across the globe.

You can find his music on



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