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Qumulus lives up to expectation with a dose of lush, liquid D&B, full of shuffling breaks, breezy atmospherics and soulful overtones. The Bassment Jazz EP kicks off with the title track – a beautiful venture, characterized by muffled narrated vocals, rough, rattling breaks and rolling bass with chiming melodies sweeping over the top and some serious jazz infusions. “4 Blocks West” is another trumpet-tooting session of sunshine with booming b-line, rolling drums and blissed out atmospherics. If you like your D&B laid back and atmospheric then this one’s for you.




Qumulus has, and continues, to explore the full circumference of music that the world has to offer.

With over 15 years and literally hundreds of club sets (national and international) under his belt he has matured into a producer/dj/remixer and all around party animal.

Having cut his teeth as a hip hop and house dj playing the local raves in his native West London in the early 90’s, he moved from genre to genre progressively absorbing the eclecticism of all music scenes never ignoring the fact that music has formed the backbone to his life throughout.

He progressed to production only in recent years choosing to try his hand at producing and releasing the type of sounds that he loves and is inspired by, namely deep, melodic and soulful vibes. He draws influence from a wide range of acid house, jungle, hip hop and techno dj’s whose contribution to dance music have helped guide his path through the colourful history of dance music over the last decade.

Having begun releasing his own music only as recently as 2005, he has enjoyed the success with over a dozen 12” singles, twice as many digital releases and features on compilation albums and rave magazine reviews. Thus far, he has only scratched the surface of his musical journey having only released drum and bass singles. The future will see him complete other projects harking back to his influences, namely deep house, hip hip and broken beat.

His current releases span labels based in cities spread all over the world from Miami, Sao Paolo, Toronto, New York, Manheim and London to name but a few.

His music has also led him around the world where he has been fortunate enough to play sets in many cities and therefore enjoys connections with many labels and promoters giving him, and his material, wider exposure to new audiences.

A considerable level of his material has also received widespread airplay on local, national (BBC 1XTRA) and international commercial radio gaining support from those countries and global scale recognition. He has tried his hand at more or less everything from dj’ing to producing and running his own large scale club nights, and featuring as a resident at others whilst also featuring on festival line ups. He remains a busy figure within the music scene.

At present, he is working on fresh new material to release in 2012 and is also looking to dj out a lot more. It seems the stresses of the studio can lead you to forget why you are making the music in the first place…



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